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Limited Time Special Offer

The regular price of $2.25 per use has been substantially reduced to $0.50 per use. 

This offer is valid on purchases of 100 test uses. Total cost, $50.00.

For a limited time when you purchase 100 test uses we will reduce the current price of $100.00 to the new low price of $50.00.

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New Monthly Subscription Offer

We are now pleased to offer a Monthly Subscription to the DENVER II Online site.

With this option you will receive unlimited test usage for one (1) calendar month. 

There are no limits on the number of tests you use.

The monthly cost is a low $55.00 which will be billed directly to your credit card on the 1st of each month until canceled.

Subscriptions which begin after the first day of the month are prorated.

Please contact DDM at or (800) 419-4729 to subscribe or for additional information.

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The Denver Developmental Materials are for providers of direct care to children. With procedures which are simple and quick, they can be used in a busy setting by both professionals and paraprofessionals. The procedures are designed to further the optimal development of children from birth to six years of age through guidance and identification of those who may require additional evaluation. The core materials, (the PDQ II, a parent answered questionnaire, and the DENVER II), provide a developmental surveillance program appropriate to settings where time is of the essence.
The Denver Developmental Materials were originally developed in the 1960's to encourage the early identification of children with developmental problems by those in close contact with them; health professionals, education and social service providers. The goal was to create standardized tests easy, quick and simple to administer and interpret.

The original core tests were revised to include more language and articulation items. The resulting DENVER II (1990), formerly the DDST, was standardized on over 2000 children. The interpretation was expanded to include separate norms for subgroups showing clinically significant differences in development, and allow for adapting scoring relative to a particular population.

The authors, realizing that no one, simple, quick developmental screening test can identify a broad variety of disorders of intelligence, language, mental health, motor and self help skills, chose to develop ranges of norms. Such construction, enables the user to obtain a quick overview of the child's development and to identify relative areas of strength and weakness. The result is a surveillance and developmental measuring method analogous to a growth chart which gives the provider the opportunity to further investigate any areas of concern.
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